About Nuweld

Nuweld Trade Supplies is a family-owned market leader in heavy-duty engineering clamps operating across Australia and New Zealand. We have been manufacturing our heavy-duty high-quality engineering clamps in Auckland, New Zealand since the 1950’s.  Our story began 60 years ago when a demand arose in the heavy engineering and welding industry for a robust and reliable clamping device that puts safety first and was able to go the distance. With some kiwi ingenuity and a “can do” attitude the Nuweld heavy-duty clamp was born.

We have continued to make these high-quality clamps since then, staying true to the original recipe. Today we are a market leader in the manufacture of heavy-duty engineering clamps and Acme threads. Our products are used throughout Australia and New Zealand by industry professionals as well as leading industrial and engineering firms. Our clamps are renowned for their high performance and high quality and are built to last a lifetime!

Our ethos is to make the best all steel clamps and Acme threads, from our workshop in New Zealand to yours!


Description & Features

Our Manufacturing Process:

All Nuweld G-Clamps and Threaded Rods are manufactured in house within our purpose-built engineering facility located in Auckland, New Zealand. We at Nuweld manage the entire product lifecycle from sourcing of high-quality materials including steel from both local and global providers to the design and manufacture our products.

In the manufacture of our heavy-duty high-quality engineering clamps, high quality steel plates and rods are sourced and processed in house to produce our main clamp bodies and acme threads. Componentry such as nuts are machined and tapped in house and the screws are manufactured by Nuweld on our specialised thread cutting machines. These precision machined components are then welded with the clamp bodies to provide an all steel G-clamp. The clamp bodies are painted with high quality automotive grade paint in our in-house painting facility. The final step of the manufacturing process involves the assembly of the G-clamp body with the Acme threaded rod and swivel foot to produce a high-quality heavy-duty G-clamp.

Product Features:

  • 100% steel fabrication
  • All steel clamp bodies cut from a mild steel plate providing a strong, shock resistant clamping bracket
  • Precision machined high quality and maintainable 6 tpi Acme screws
  • Swivel foot allows even clamping force on flat and angular surfaces
  • Strong and slender steel bodies provide easy clamping in confined spaces
  • All Steel fabrication allows for easy adaptation to jigging or clamping systems
  • 100% lifetime guarantee

Quality Control:

At Nuweld we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and underpin our ethos with our product lifetime guarantee. We manufacture and assemble all our products in house, giving us absolute control over the quality control processes and quality checks throughout the design and manufacturing lifecycle. Each product is quality checked and validated at multiple points within the manufacturing process to ensure tolerance and quality are met. Each clamp is assembled by hand to ensure all clamps and threads operate as required and are produced to the highest standards.



Our G Clamps and Welding clamps are used in the Mining, Steel Fabrication, Ship Building, Structural Engineering, Construction, Boiler Making, Carpentry, Petroleum, Agriculture, Motor Manufacture and Trucking Industries or wherever there is a need to securely clamp high strength heavy parts under extreme pressure.


Our Acme threads are most often used for lead screws, jack screws, CNC systems and many other applications. Also used in industrial applications requiring heavy torque and power transmission such as lathes, milling machines and presses. Acme threads, with a 29-degree angle, are broader, stronger, and squarer than standard V-shaped threads. This makes them the best choice for power transmission and carrying loads.